Electronic Smoking facts

Electronic Smoke facts.


It is said that a complete normal cigarette after complete inhalation is equal to 1mg of nicotine.

With this in mind we can calculate personal absorption of nicotine into our system by a simple ratio tally experiment.

You will need:


  • Jotter pad(piece of paper will do)
  • Pen/pencil
  • A normal cigarette(your regular brand look on side of packet to its mg content of nicotene)
  1. You can use this to calculate your dose or use the said 1mg value
  • An electronic cigarette
  • E-Liquid or known mg strength cartridge.

The workout:




1mg  = 1 cigarette

and we for this example consider 18mg E-Liquid strength this is:

18mg to 1ml

1ml = 20 drops

18mg = 20 drops

If you drop 1 or 2 drops into a clean dry atomizer and puff away counting the amount of puffs you get before it becomes not smokable. When i say not smokable i mean the point you can feel a good smoke anymore not point it stops producing smoke. I used 2 drops and got 6 puffs so this is 3 puffs to a drop

So for me:

3 puffs = 1 drop

If we divide 18mg by 20 drops this gives us 0.9mg per drop

18mg / 20 drops(1ml) = 0.9mg


Right now we understand the above lets get started.

Take the real cigarette. your pen and paper.

Light up the cigarette and relax smoke the cigarette and tally mark how many puffs you take from the cigarette before you putt it out. Thats full inhale puffs.

Fore me this value was 18 puffs before i put it out.

18 puffs = 1mg of nicotine for a real cigarette then.

Wait some time and now you can puff away on your E-Cig to the point you are happy not to want anymore, satisfied so to speak.

For me this was 13 puffs.


3 puffs = 1 drop

13 puffs / 3 puffs = 4.3 this means 4.3 drops is equal to one cigarette for me or 4.3 drops to actual 1mg body absorption see bellow.

If one drop is 0.9mg then we must multiply this by the 4.3 drops to see how much nicotine is being generally atomized.

0.9 X 4.3 = 3.87mg

Now if we for so many years are satisfied at 1mg of nicotine then in this case we can subtract the 1mg from the 3.87mg

1mg - 3.87mg = 2.87mg

This tells us if the so called those who know that if we for all these years got 1mg nicotine satisfying our smoking then 2.87mg of nicotine is exhaled evaporated burnt wasted in the process and not absorbed by our body and requiring us to take 13 puffs to obtain the 1mg fix.