As with engineering there is something that always fascinates me with electronics, how we can use all sorts of electronic components manufacture our own components to manipulate and craft the invisible electrical signal.

Its like your drawing a piece of art just invisible as it conducts through a circuit, the difference between a piece of art and a current is that a piece of art provides us with deep thought and somewhat pleasure by sight or sound. With current art it provides a huge pleasure in seeing it work, computers, washing machines, Internet, industrial machinery and so in. Its quite an amazing thing really.

To have qualified in electronics allowing me to design and build wild crazy circuits (most are pointless to society) just has its own great satisfying pleasure.

Its a little like our imagination becomes creative with a frequency or current flow which we have 100% control over. When we get it right and it exits the circuit just the way we wanted it to, that achievement is exhilarating not to mention inspiring to better something even more.

Electronics is an invisible art, if only you could see what we see.