Human Rights

Human Right(not man made)

Many people think that human rights is something of a law or legislation, no its not. It is simply the fact that we are human, we were born into this world all equal all the same and on the same level no matter of what class, financial background etc. The world belongs to no mortal man, mother nature owns her self we are just mortal insects allowed to graze on its surface like all other living things. Human rights are your birth, the freedom only your imagination can limit. You can do anything completely anything. If you wanted to drop a huge stink fart in the middle of a theatrical performance right at the point of silence then you have the right to do so. No mortal being what so ever can or should stop you. Of course you may be frowned upon and seen a sick smelly disgusting individual maybe even scum but it is your freedom to do so. Furthermore you have the right to choose weather you shall shit in the toilet or shit in the street again of course doing it in the street would require you to clean it up, if you did not someone else would have to so you deserve to pay a fine as to pay the person who did clean it up.

The moral of the above is ironic really because it is moral to respect others, don't drop a stinky fart as described above, have respect. Don't shit in the street leaving it for someone else to clean up its immoral and disgusting. The fact is this is not something anyone needs to teach you or tell you, you naturally know what is right and wrong, you feel what is right and wrong, there is no written law telling you what is wrong. Some people think that torturing another person or animal is right. We all know that there a slightly twisted people, wired wrongly, or is this just an opinion, who gave me the right to judge these twisted people and call them twisted? No one so lets leave it an opinion and i am sticking to it. They are twisted people who can be so nasty and cruel.

Moral of the story is that no mortal person(s) gives or can ever dictate to you your human rights, your freedom to break the law, abide by whatever law even, have sex, have kids, hurt another person etc. You can choose any direction, those that conform to restricting these human rights for profit or personal gain are just as bad as the persons committing harm to others(Is that another judgment on my part naaa its an opinion). What feels right? Is it those that profit or gain from restricting you or those that freely contribute, help there neighbor and feel good that they put happiness in another persons heart?

Respect is a big thing and to be a respected business is a rare thing today in the computer industry. Who is more respectful between Intel and AMD? is Nvidia or ATI more Respectful than each other or even against Intel or AMD?

Respect and morals go hand in hand in many cases.