Sheeple Sheep People


This usually makes allot of people laugh. Why? Because they actually don't understand it. They think well maybe everyone else is, i am not one but they are. Remember the facebook point mentioned above under the Microsoft model well guess what if you have a facebook profile and you actively(by actively i mean frequently) use this site then your a sheeple. Remember your the product being used for sale just like a sheep being fed for wool or Lamb. You really need to get this concept through your skull to stop being one and stand up out the crowed and become free of the pre-programed car forcing you to part with your cash and life's energy. Yes it drains the life out of you, runs you downs trying to achieve a goal that only feeds them and not your own benefit.

Developers reading this thinking well that's why your making closed source software to feed your self, your family. Well i have news for you, things will change and are changing. License costs to be able to run your software on that platform cutting into your profits, It wont be free forever. That said the more you use the closed source platform the more humanity becomes embedded into closed source. Before you know it there will be nothing but closed source and dictatorship software, your children will suffer. It is clear to see, by which time there will be nothing and i do mean nothing you can do about it. Your children will suffer due to your actions that were based on greed, the small few bucks you made, pitiful amount of cash they paid you to survive and get you to contribute to their model not your model, their model.

Concentrate on your life not money or in most cases earning it to spend it or pay taxes. Help your fellow neighbor so he can help you back be the person that builds a great future for your family so they can enjoy a future free from pre-programmed dictated software and bullshit corporations telling you what you should buy.