RC Cars

During the late 80's after being a really good boy and not complaining about my Mum vacuuming up all my electronics components grrr my Father actually made me an ultimatum with a RC car.

He gave me a piece of copper clad PCB board un-drilled and a template and said if you can copy the template onto that copper clad board exactly ill give you the plastic moldings for the car.

The plastic moldings were the pillars which allowed the mounting of the bushes and axles for the car at that time I had no way of manufacturing these mounts/molds. I did try and make them from aluminium but they were way too heavy and impractical being as the rear mounts were made 10mm thick.

Either way I had achieved the task so my Father held to his word and I got the pillar mountings. I then run down to Mardave with £5.00 which I had spent ages saving up on and purchased a new axle two new front axles 4 wheels a pinion gear and some tires.

Yay so I run back and put it all together. I now had a rolling chassis which I was very happy about. Next came an argument with my Mum that my Father had given me one of these stupid toys and he would be to blame for me not studying urm “OK” was my response and much to my surprise was my Fathers response “I did not think he would have been able to make the chassis but he did, your fault for teaching him engineering” then there was silence.

Furthermore I got to keep my creation hehe. My next step was to make the speed controller and looking at other mechanical speed controllers in my local model shop I decided to make similar( why mess with perfection as one would say) so I got out my hack saw, ruler, and a piece of 2.5mm thick scrap alloy that I had pulled out the back of an old TV used as a shield from the fly-back transformer straitened it out and began to make my speed controller mount plate.

Then came the PCB etch, No No No not nasty acids but a file I managed to grove the etched shape into my pcb allowing me to drill a hole in the center to accommodate the rotating disc used to make the connections for the 3 speed. I purchased the resistors from maplins they cost me just over £2.00.


The rest of the parts battery, motor etc I had got second hand such as the receiver and servos which had been thrown out as the servo gears had striped etc. me being me had found a model shop that sold spare servo gears for a different model so I got them cheap and made some modifications.

There is an interesting story about how I got the transmitter which involves domino toy shop ripping me off and me falling for it. I must have only been 8 years old but thats for another day this started my RC Modeling hobbies and I never looked back since. Big kid at heart I guess.