Radio controled planes

As i got older a bit and mardave parts started to become more and more scarce due to Tamiya taking over with the over priced plastic rubbish I started to show a deep interest in RC planes.

On first look into RC planes they look incredibly expensive which turned out no so. Seems if you look you can pick up some great kits at great prices.

Burton on Trent, there was a model flying club and shop where i purchased my flair cub. I had a paper round by this time so i was getting a nice £15,00 a week plus Christmas tips so i could afford a bit more now.

If i remember right my Flair Cub cost me a whooping £88.00 for the kit without engine. as usual my Father gave me the ultimatum even though i bought the plain he said " you build it right and very good ill buy you the engine and radio set for Christmas" and true to his word he did.


Took some building being as it was my fist time but hey. After i had finished the model we took it down to the club at Moira furnace in Burton, he looked it over quite impressed a 13 year old built it. I then was allowed to join the club and learnt how to fly. I was over the moon my gums dried out from smiling so much hehe.


I went on to build more after that including gliders Electra flight and much much more, was a real great bonding with me and my Father. So much for my mum shouting stupid toys few years prior.(my previous article on RC Cars explains why my mum said this)