Closed source software

Closed source software

The most evil of them all, the devils work as one would put it. If your religious then you should be seeing closed source as the pits of hell.

Closed source software removes all aspects of freedom completely. It sticks you on a highway in a car limited to 30mph. You cant go faster, you cant overtake anyone, you cant turn off the road, you cant even predict what the car will do next can you imagine this. No control at all, the car is totally driven by the developer of the software. The real deal begins when it starts asking you for credits. "you have traveled 10 miles please top-up to continue" now what makes it even worst is, you actually bought the car. Yes its your car you own it including the petrol in the tank, paid your road tax, had its MOT done and paid your insurance.

Car is the the computer, petrol is the electricity, road tax is the right to use the software, MOT is the safety test so it does not electrocute you, insurance is the service updates to keep the operating system(i.e. windows) running. Currently Microsoft give you 3 years insurance in this hypothetical example.

Sounds great don't it. But what about allowing you to drive the car, maybe even lift the hood/bonnet and fix the car yourself, talk to the driver and change course. Well you can fix it under the hood that's opening up your computer sorting out the hardware, that said Intel are making efforts to limit you on doing that too. You don't stand a chance on driving the car that's in Microsoft control you just enter credits and it takes you to your entertainment venue(computer game) or to the theater(a movie).

You get the picture hopefully you can see how closed source software guides you to the product requiring more credits on a preset per-programed route. For a corporation its awesome because you the passenger(consumer) will have to constantly part with your hard earn't cash to get what you want.

There is the Free way which means you can just walk to the movies and watch it. Why should you have to be forced to take the route in the car you have bought. Surely you should be able to buy the car get behind the wheel yourself and drive it to the movies. Well with FREE Software you can because you have the source code and always will have that code to be able to change whatever route you choose. You are the driver again, you are in control thats your human right.