Differences between open source and FREE softwa

Differences between open source and FREE software

The difference between open source and free software is purely a financial one. See open source allows someone to release the code with or without the source code. It means that someone who has developed for the project and submitted there code into the collective could have there work used by another person who may then add additional features and distribute it as closed source binary, maybe even selling it. This violates one fundamental factor of your freedom. The program might be super powerful but now ties your hands and you are unable to change or modify any of the code. Of course original open source contributors must be credited for there original input.

Its a time bomb waiting to be locked away and freedom removed at any point. It goes without saying that at any point when the software progresses to closed source development of the prior open source code tends to stop. I say tends to stop as when open office decided to shut its code off the open source developers took there code and made the Libfreeoffice.

Free software on the other hand can never be distributed without the source code, NEVER if you have a program under the GNU license that does not have the source with it you can ask the distributor for the code. They must without fail release the source code ALL of it that runs the binary counterpart. It of course must be complete and descriptive so you can clearly see what the software is doing. If you compiled the source code you were given and it runs exactly as the binary counterpart then they have honored the license. If not there in violation.

As you can see the differences between the two are very important to freedom. FREE is not a monetary or corporate value it is a human right allowing you security, safety to be always allowed the right to see what the program is doing, the right to change it as you wish, the right to improve it for yourself(weather you choose to share it or not). If you choose to share it then it is only fair that you follow the same guidelines of the GNU that you received it in. The original developer wanted you to have your freedom so you should share it with the same freedom. That freedom does not in anyway constrain you or should we say force you to have to share your code it just means if you do share it include your source, its like saying thank you to the original developer.