The Microsoft business model.

The Microsoft business model.

This is the most interesting of all. The devil himself brings us his evil clouded by visions of a heavenly surface. All that glitters is not gold and certainly not when its Microsoft the one and only company that can be said has taken over the computing world, not so pretty as you would think either.

All seems great with Microsoft at the forefront of the computer desktop, most importantly above all its funny how it runs everything. You the consumer pays for it all and i do mean all. You see developers get it for free(what wait your a developer and you still pay for it) yes free but not as in the fact you don't have to pay anything.

When i say a developer gets it for free what i mean is that you build and are able to run your app on a windows operating system for free, you can sell it at present making millions all profits are yours and non of your profits go to Microsoft for the application that runs on windows. This is what i mean by free. you don't have to pay a license cost as the end users get the bill not only for the operating system but also the developers bill. If that was not enough it is closed source.

The major point here is the goal set by Microsoft. That is to get the whole world embedded to windows so that there is no way that anyone can live without it. They become totally dependent on it and that is why it is still currently free for developers to use this platform. You got closed source inhumane security that captures the larger audience, restricts them and makes Microsoft billions more.

Facebook have the same model, provide a website that allows developers a free development platform that the developer gets to keep every penny of his profits. only difference with facebook is that the users remain users and not consumers because they become the product. Yes facebook users are the product, information collective, advertisement portal to allow individually specific advertisement. YOUR THE PRODUCT!

So you pay for this expensive Microsoft product, you don't have the drivers seat, you cant change it, personalize it, or do anything that you should be able to do under the factors of true freedom. Changing desktop colours is not personalizing it, that's just the smoke screen. Maybe you don't want a start bar. Have you ever tried to remove it, have you ever tried to just use the basic features of the kernel and strip all the rest of the junk out. If you have then well done you either realize that you cant or your an awesome hacker like me that actually succeeded in reverse engineering many elements of the software as to remove it without breaking the functionality of the kernel. You jump out and say you scum that's illegal then you my dear tard head are a retard. FREEDOM remember. If i actually had paid for this junk or got it included with a new machine i have purchased it I should and will be able to do as i wish to it even if that in tales throwing it in the bin or shredding it through the shredder/secure wipe.

What gives any mortal man the right to tell you what you should do, guide you without the possibility of you being in full control. You are the master of your own destiny, doing as you wish(provided you cause no harm to other people of course). What makes Microsoft, maybe you or any mortal man/woman have the right to dictate change or do anything that forces you to have to be or do anything the way they tell you to? Answer is NO ONE(my middle finger degree helps here).