Advert Theory

I have a new theory on advertisement.

You see we buy our computers and i of course run GNU/Linux which is mostly Free software and of course i pay my electricity bill. Now the fact is that the adverts on the net require the use of my electricity to power my computer at which point the advert is steeling my energy.

I did not allow them or give them permission to show that add on my screen at anytime. They are in violation of what is rightly mine, committing theft of my energy to push an unwanted UN-agreed add onto my screen so i feel we the owners of this processing power/energy must collect active add data and rightly morally send these companies an invoice for the percentage of the energy costs it took to show that add. WATCH OUT GOOGLE!

After all these adds are not helping out your neighbor or you they are just blatting you with unwanted junk making your life misery, causing you unnecessary aggravation and or hassle, a chargeable loss worldwide.